What's new with the Blade Runner FAQ site

Blade Runner FAQ Site Changes:

23rd December, 1997

Moved to new URL: http://www.bit.net.au/~muzzle/bladerunner/

7th October, 1997

Link to new picture archive.

8th September, 1997

Westwood's Blade Runner Game online preview available.

1st September, 1997

By popular demand, converted all sounds to WAV format.

21st February, 1997

Added a link to filmsite.org's Blade Runner Page

30th July, 1996

Added a link to a Multimedia Script.

23rd July, 1996

Added another Windows 95 Desktop Theme.

22nd May, 1996

HOT new info on the ultimate Blade Runner reference.

17th May, 1996

Added a link for BR software off the title page.

11th April, 1996

Instructions on making an origami unicorn.
Italian translation of the FAQ now available.

3rd April, 1996

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences's Film Architecture expo.

9th February, 1996

Ridley Scott's Mr. Showbiz interview linked in.

25th January, 1996

New link to site with German info.

5th January, 1996

Added a link for the 1984 Apple Macintosh commercial.

6th December, 1995

New info on the Bradbury Building.

10th October, 1995

Updated script availability

18th September, 1995

Owner of the eye at the beginning identified.

12th September, 1995

An essay on Christian Symbolism in Blade Runner.
Many more pictures on lots of pages, thanks to Richard Frost. Try here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here,

25th August, 1995

Info on a new recording of "End Titles from Blade Runner".

22nd August, 1995

Added a link to Bill Kolb's liner notes on the Criterion laserdisc.

17th August, 1995

Information on a CD-ROM game.
More information on a possible sequel.

2nd August, 1995

Added a background to and changed the text/link colors of all pages.

1st August, 1995

Added page counter to top-level page.

17th July, 1995

Info on Blade Runner Novel sequel.

26th June, 1995

Links to the Criterion laserdisc info

22nd June, 1995

The music on Deckard's piano has been identified!

19th June, 1995

Use of the *NEW* tag for marking changes.

14th June, 1995

Info on Blade Runner models.
Info on the lamp on Bryant's desk.

8th June, 1995

Script transcription of 1982 Theatrical release.
More Japanese-related trivia and goofs.

25th May, 1995

Updated goofs in version dubbed into Italian.

12th May, 1995

Confirmation of a Blade Runner sequel!

4th May, 1995

Fixed up first image link.

24th April, 1995

Fixed up image links so they point to local images, rather than Swedish archive.

20th April, 1995

Added Syd Mead's video game credits.
More info on how Batty knew Deckard's name.

11th April, 1995

Fixed references so that Mosaic can follow them.

3rd April, 1995

Appeal for person who sent me info!
Minor bug fix about replicants in the Tyrell building.
Deleted some non-goofs.
Added info on how to get a gun like Deckard's.
New info on how Roy knew Deckard's name.

30th March, 1995

Link to an early draft of the script.
This "What's New?" section.

Murray Chapman