Blade Runner Sequel

Is There Going To Be a sequel to Blade Runner?

In Newsday, October 6, 1992, Scott is quoted as saying: "I'd really like to do that, I think 'Blade Runner' made some very interesting suggestions to the origins of Harrison Ford's character, addressing the idea of immortality. I think it would be a very intelligent sequel."

From Screen International, May 5-11, 1995:

A slew of big-budget productions - likely to include Ridley Scott's sequel to Blade Runner - are heading for Shepperton Studios (UK), which is shaping up to become the leading special effects studio outside the US.

Speaking from Grenada, Scott confirmed that the sequel to Blade Runner will probably be shot at the studio, but he gave no starting date.

The prospect of a Blade Runner sequel has been bruited around for years - although without Scott's active involvement. Scott, who shot Alien at Shepperton, confirmed that he is planning to make a sci-fi film ``in the near future that I would shoot almost entirely'' at the London studios.

In Hollywood Reporter, August 16, 1995, it is reported that Ridley Scott will be directing a science fiction film tentatively titled Metropolis, which he sees as a follow-up to Blade Runner, but not a sequel. According to one source he's somewhat reluctant to tamper with the now classic movie by making a direct sequel.

Ridley Scott talks briefly about seqels in his Mr. Showbiz celebrity interview.

Corona's Movie rumours also has a page on a possible sequel.

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