This collection of web pages exist because of a chance email exchange I had over a year ago with Paul M. Sammon, the author of Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner, a book many BR fans consider the bible of behind-the-scenes info on this sci-fi movie. Paul innocently mentioned that there were almost 300 hundred pages that didn't make it into the book as a passing comment in one of the emails he sent me.

Three hundred pages!?, I thought. I replied to him (trying to sound innocent as well!) stating that if he ever wanted to do anything with this material, say, put it online, please let me know, and I would be glad to help. Time passed, as it does on the Internet. However, unlike a lot of brief, chance meetings on the net, Paul did not forget this conversation. Quite some time later, I was surprised -- and very pleased -- to get an email from Mr. Sammon asking me if I was still interested in putting some of the material online.

I, of course, responded with a resounding YES! and that brings us to where we are today. 2019: Off-World is thrilled and proud to be able to offer the community of BR fans some of the cut material from Paul M. Sammon's book, Future Noir. We hope to be offering more over time, and will hopefully be keeping in touch with Mr. Sammon about all things Blade Runner that he has to offer us.

We ask that readers kindly respect Mr. Sammon's copyright of this material which he as generously released to be published on the Internet. If you have any questions regarding it, you can contact 2019: Off-World.


NOTE: More info on Future Noir.


The Documents

Chapter VIII - The Crew
A chapter which had to be entirely cut, and one of Paul's favorites at that.