2019: Off-World has officially gone into retirement. (Some pun intended; BR fans will get it.) Please find the abbreviated archives below. Also, you can read more about this change. Above all, thank you for the many years of support, visits, and interactions!

For people looking for extensive, organized Blade Runner sites, I recommend BRmovie.com and BladeZone. They are two of my favorites and are full of information and links. (And I always recommend checking out Wikipedia for entries, including theirs on Blade Runner.)

Paul M. Sammon presents
Missing sections from his book
Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner
Archive of Murray Chapman's
original web-based
Blade Runner FAQ (1992-98)
Compilation of ancient
online discussions
of Blade Runner (1988-89)
We have been proud to host some research papers related to Blade Runner over the years.
2019: Off-World will continue to offer web space for theses pertaining to Blade Runner.
The Uncertainty of Being
Christophe Gauthier
An exploration of what it is to be human
T.J. LeGrice
Eyes in Bladerunner
Thomas Karantinos
Do Humans Dream in Negative Strips?
Felix Deftereos
Post-Humanism and Ecocide in William Gibson's Neuromancer and Ridley Scott's Blade Runner
Tama Leaver
Thresholds of Splendor: Mythic and Symbolic Subtexts in Blade Runner
James Pontolillo
Blade Runner: Tee-Vee or Not Tee-Vee
Jayme Guokas
Is Blade Runner a Misogynist Text?
Simon Scott
No Alternatives: Technology Spontaneously Approaching 'Humanity' with the Passage of Time
Andy O'Meara
Eye Disbelieve
Tinku Saini
Analysis of Gaff - excerpt
Paolo Terno
Image Is Everything: Lacan's Mirror Stage and Blade Runner
Victor Gischler
Identities and differences: Philip K. Dick through popular culture
Aleksandar BOŠKOVIĆ
The Eyes Tell All - A What, Where, Why Commentary of the Bladerunner Theme
John McCoy
Blade Runner (I)
Paolo Terno
The Parting of the Mist
Joseph M. Reagle Jr.
The Least Scary Option: Blade Runner and the Future City
Stephen Rowley
Beyond Blade Runner: Urban Control The Ecology of Fear
Mike Davis
Reality of Simulacra
Amedeo Felix
Blade Runner: A Retrospective
Anthony Leong
Comparing Philip K. Dick's Novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and Ridley Scott's Film Blade Runner in Terms of Internationalisation
Teo Välimäki
At Home with Replicants: The Architecture of Blade Runner
Andrew Benjamin
Do Sheep Run in Electric Dreams?
Mark Rosenfelder