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US Denver/Dallas Sneak Preview of

Time: 113 minutes
Film: 70mm
* Webster's 2012 definition of a replicant used in lieu of opening crawl
* voiceovers deleted except at Batty's death
* Bryant says two replicants were fried running through an electric field
* conversation between snake-maker and Deckard is different and matches their lips
* includes a shot of nearly nude dancers in hockey masks outside Taffey's bar
* Batty says, "I want more life, father."
* Pris lifts Deckard up by his nostrils when she beats him up
* different voiceover used after Batty's death
* ends with the elevator doors closing
* shorter than other versions

This version was shown at the Fairfax Theater in 1990 and UCLA's Los Angeles Perspectives multimedia festival in 1991. This was also the print shown at a London sneak preview in March of 1982. A 35mm reduction of this version was later shown at the Nuart and Castro Theaters in 1991. There were rumours that this version was the original director's cut, but 1992 the official 1992 Director's Cut is not the same.

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