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What is a Replicant?

Replicants are manufactured organisms designed to carry out work too boring, dangerous, or distasteful for humans. The NEXUS 6 replicants are nearly indistinguishable from humans. (In one draft of the script Bryant tells Deckard they did an autopsy on the replicant that was fried trying to break into the Tyrell Corporation and didn't even know it was a replicant until two hours into the procedure.)

Replicants presumably differ from humans in one important factor: they are lacking in empathy. In Blade Runner, the replicants' eyes glow (even those of an artificial owl), however Ridley Scott has stressed that this is merely a cinematic technique, and the glow can't be seen by the characters in the story, only by the audience.

The manufacturers noticed that replicants had eccentricities because they were emotionally immature. Rachael was a prototype replicant with experimental memory implants, designed to provide a cushion for her emotions. Consequently, she was unaware that she was a replicant.

NEXUS 6 replicants have an in-built fail-safe mechanism, namely a four year lifespan.

1982 Presskit Defintion of a Replicant

A genetically engineered creature composed entirely of organic substance. Animal replicants (animoids) were developed first for use as pets and beasts of burden after most real animals became extinct. Later, humanoid replicants were created for military purposes and for the exploration and colonization of space. The Tyrell Corp. recently introduced the Nexus 6, the supreme replicant -- much stronger and faster than, and virtually indistinguishable from, real human beings. Earth law forbids replicants on the planet, except in the huge industrial complex where they are created. The law does not consider replicants human and therefore accords them no rights nor protection.

Webster's Dictionary (2012) Definition of a Replicant

The following definition appears in the Blade Runner script and the Marvel Comics adaptation of the film, and the Denver/Dallas sneak preview: _android_ (an'droid) n, Gk. humanoid automation. more at robot./ 1. early version utilized for work too boring, dangerous or unpleasant for humans. 2. second generation bio-engineered. Electronic relay units and positronic brains. Used in space to explore inhospitable environments. 3. third generation synthogenetic. REPLICANT, constructed of skin/flesh culture. Selected enogenic transfer conversion. Capable of self perpetuating thought. Paraphysical abilities. Developed for emigration program. WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY New International (2012)

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