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Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner by Paul Sammon.

Retrofitting Blade Runner: Issues in Ridley Scott's Blade Runner and Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Judith B. Kerman, editor, 1991, 291 pages.
Bowling Green State University Press, Bowling Green, Ohio 43403
Deals with social implications, genre issues, film sources, adaptation issues, aesthetics and the creation of science fiction worlds. Also contains an extremely extensive Blade Runner bibliography.

The Blade Runner Sketchbook [out of print]
Blue Dolphin Enterprises, Inc., 1982, ISBN #0-943128-01-3. - early monochrome production drawings and conceptual sketches of parking meters, stop light trees, door keys, magazine racks, Blade Runner pistol, and VK machine. Includes:

Sketches of Tyrell's "coffin", a cryogenic unit holding his body in suspended animation until future technology can revitalize him. His casket looked similar to cryo units on board Discovery in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.

A Virtual Reality mask. Worn over the face, a person used software disks to enjoy various moods of pleasure. Supposedly erotic stuff. Perhaps a vestige of the mood organ in DADoES.

A stage where the dancers performed (like a small amphitheater).

The Illustrated Blade Runner [out of print]
Blue Dolphin Enterprises, Inc., 1982.
"Shooting version" of the script prepared late in post-production

The Blade Runner Portfolio[out of print]
Blue Dolphin Enterprises, Inc., 1982.

Hollywood from Vietnam to Reagan
Robin Wood. LC: PN1993.5.U6 W64 1986

The Nature of Things: Language, Politics, and the Environment.
Shapiro, Michael J. "'Manning' the Frontiers: The Politics of (Human) Nature in Blade Runner." Ed. Jane Bennett and William Chaloupka. Minneapolis: U of Minn Press, 1993. 65-84.

Oblagon: Concepts of Syd Mead
Tokyo, 1985
Showcase of Syd Mead's work with some of Blade Runner's pre-production art.

Blade runner : (a movie)
Burroughs, William S. Berkeley: Blue Wind Press, 1979. ISBN 0-912652-45-4, 0-912652-46-2, 0-912652-47-0

Ad for Edge of Human Blade Runner 2: The Edge Of Human
by K.W. Jeter. Due Sep 1995, Bantam, ISBN 0-553-09979-5 (hardcover), $21.95

The story of Rick Deckard -- as seen in Ridley Scott's 1982 cinematic masterpiece BLADE RUNNER -- continues in this all-new novel. When last we saw him, Deckard was fleeing Los Angeles with the replicant named Rachel. Like all androids, she has a built-in lifespan of four years, and Deckard is desparate to save her. But now he's also wanted for the death of Pris -- who wasn't a replicant at all, she was...human!

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