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What is the ultimate Blade Runner reference?

I just got the following mail:

    As you know, I've been eagerly awaiting the publication of Paul
    Sammon's new book "FUTURE NOIR: THE MAKING OF BLADE RUNNER" ever
    since it was rumored to be in the works by "Video Watchdog"
    (Nov-Dec 1993).  Paul had apparently planned a 1995 release but
    then asked for an extra year to pack everything he had into the
    book.  The wait is almost over: a July release is planned by
    Harper-Collins with book signings at the San Diego Comic
    Convention that month and again at the September WorldCon in
    Los Angeles.  Paul said he submitted a 1,400 page manuscript based
    on more than 200 hours of taped interviews with everyone from the
    dolly-grip to the director.  400 pages of his manuscript had to be
    cut but the book still has about 500 pages and nearly a hundred
    B&W photos--some of which appear for the first time.  There will
    be eight appendices covering such things as the soundtrack and
    different versions of the film.  Paul told me the book would
    answer just about every question on the making of the film--even
    mine.  The glove had been thrown down.  "I suppose you'll tell us
    whether or not the unicorn scene came from 'LEGEND' and whether or
    not Deckard is a replicant?"  Yes.  "How about why Vangelis waited
    so long to publish his score?"  Yes.  "Okay, will you tell us what
    Harrison Ford *really* thinks about the film??"  Yep.  "And why
    Scott caved in to studio pressure?!?"  Yes.  (I was getting
    desperate)  "Will you tell us where the 'living photo' was taken
    and who the mother and daughter are?!?"  Yes.

    I gave up on the questions at this point but somewhere along the
    line I realized Paul was not just another writer.  He hung around
    the studio while they were shooting the film.  He was at the sneak
    previews and the opening.  He was upset by the way the film turned
    out and at the same time he was inextricably drawn to it.  He
    wrote about the film.  He collected everthing to do with the film.
    He then spent the last two years preparing the ultimate book.  In
    a word, he was as obsessed as I was.  Paul says that a lot of the
    things I've heard rumored about the movie are untrue and there is
    much that has never been told -- until now.  He promised even the
    most ardent fans would find lots of new stuff here.  Best of all,
    the price will be about $16.  I can hardly wait for July!

    Bill Kolb
Bill Kolb is an international Grand Master Blade Runner expert, and author of the liner notes found on the Criterion Laserdisc.

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