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Syd Mead

Syd Mead suggested the term "visual futurist" over his credit in the movie. (As he is not a union/guild member, he could not use credits such as "creative designer".) He has been co-sponsoring an International Student Design Competition with Sony since 1989. Some of his works are:
  • California Pavilion, Seville Expo (1992)
  • Future Terminal, for Japan Railways East (1990)
  • Club Car, for Japan Railways East (1990)
  • Dr. Jeekans, a futuristic cafe/video arcade in Tokyo. (1990)
  • Office for the Future, for Okamura Furniture Co, Japan (1989)
  • Club House (Tokyo Bayside Project) (1989)
  • Tron Computer (1988)
  • San Rio Theatre (1987)
  • Office of the Future, for GE (1985)
  • Blade Runner

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