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Scenes Filmed But Cut

The following scenes were filmed, but aren't present in any version of Blade Runner:

Deckard visits Holden in hospital

[Picture of Deckard visiting Holden in hospital]

Deckard: Whatcha reading? Holden : Deckard, TREASURE ISLAND! Good to see ya, buddy. Old favourite. ...Pretty awful, huh? Deckard: Naw, you look great! Absolutely terrific! Never saw you look better. Jesus, you look good. ...Great complexion! Suit looks really nice. Who's your tailor? Holden : A big fucking skin job put the smash on me, wrecked me up! Looka me, for Chrissake! Deckard: You blew it, huh? Holden : It ain't like it used to be, Deck. It's tough now. These replicants aren't just a bunch of muscle miners anymore, they're no goddamn different than you or me..." Deckard: So what happened? Holden : Ten days ago Security at the Tyrell Corp. finds three intruders in the records room. Kills one, two get away, okay? ...They do a routine autopsy on the one that got aired and... whaddy know? A skin job, one of the ones that busted out! Top drawer replicant... combat type... Nexus 6." Deckard: Pretty sexy, the sixes. Holden : Sexy! Three hours into the autopsy they still think they're cutting up a human. No marks, nothing. ...I decided to check out all new employees at Tyrell. I test 26 boring jerks until in comes this guy Leon Somebody, nothing special but very big... Anyways..." Deckard: You Voight-Kampff him? Holden : Yeah! I thought maybe I was getting something... Maybe it doesn't work on these ones, Deck. ...It's all over, it's a wipe out, they're almost us, Deck, they're a disease, they're... Deckard: Take it easy, take it easy... Tyrell Corp's got one. I'm gonna Vee Kay it tomorrow. Holden : Push it! Push that button! Deckard: What's it for? Holden : Pain! Deckard visits Holden again after he has killed Leon: Holden : You aired him... what's funny about that? Deckard: Revenge. I thought you'd... Holden : You don't revenge a machine, asshole! Your slicer cuts your finger, whaddya do? Punish it? you can't make a 'thing' feel sorry, Deck. Deckard: They're different, the new ones. That big one... he... it had feelings. Blade Runner

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