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From Computer Player Multimedia Gaming & Beyond, August 1995, p 14:

Do Androids Dream of CD-ROMs?

"Here's a match made in heaven. Come fall 1996, Ridley Scott's now- legendary film "Blade Runner" will be transformed into an interactive CD-ROM experience. Developer Westwood Studios, a subsidiary of Virgin Interactive Entertainment, claims that the CD-ROM title won't rehash the film but create an interactive world that will take advantage of Philip K. Dick's truly innovative story. Of course, the game will be set in 2019 and put the player in the role of Deckard, the licensed-to-kill cop who's hired to terminate all living replicants. Given the suspenseful story, diverse characters and ideal setting, this game should definitely be one to watch for.

For more information, contact Virgin Interactive Entertainment at: 714.833.8710.

Blade Runner

Murray Chapman