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Is the Video Watchdog Description of the Workprint Accurate?

In many cases, but not all. Some things were missed, some things were wrong, and some things were misleading. Referring to the side and chapter marks on the Director's Cut laserdisc that were used in the article, some worth noting are:
The DC contains 2 additional aerial shots of the approach to the Tyrell Corp., 2 full-frame shots of Holden's eye, and 2 shots of Holden from behind that are not seen in the WP.
The spinner flight to the police station is identical in both prints except that Gaff can be heard saying something to Deckard in cityspeak.
The origami chicken close-up is the same in both films but Bryant's line, "I need the old blade runner. I need your magic" is missing. The WP is also missing the shot of Bryant pouring Deckard a drink, which creates a discontinuity when you see Deckard put the glass down.
Bryant's off-screen line is: "That's Leon, ammunition loader on intergalactic runs. He can lift 400 pound atomic loads all day and night [not 4000!]. The only way you can hurt him is to kill him." The three brief shots of other spinners in route to the Tyrell Corp. are in all versions of the film.
When Rachael says, "May I ask you a question," Deckard has an extra off-screen line: "What is it?"
There is a change. Batty's line, "Now where would we find this J.F. Sebastian," is missing in the WP.
The scene is exactly the same duration in both, however, in the elevator scene we clearly hear Rachael say "Deckard," causing him to draw his gun and spin around.
You hear more of Deckard's one-finger piano solo in the WP.
This scene lasts about 20 seconds longer in the WP as the camera follows Deckard leaving the Cambodian lady. The dialog with the snake maker closely matches their lip movements: D: Abdul Hassan? I'm a police officer, Abdul. I've got a couple of questions I wanted to ask you. H: (Chattering in another language.) D: You made a snake, XB71. I want to know who you sold it to. H: My work? Not too many could afford such quality. D: How many? H: Very few. D: How few? H: Perhaps less than I thought but still more than I can remember. D: Abdul, my friend...(street noise)...about 2 seconds...(more street noise).
The introduction of Miss Solome is longer: "Ladies and gentlemen. We have for your delight and pleasure this evening a spectacular act. Before you, a woman. And with her, a snake. Watch her take the pleasures from the serpent that once corrupted man." When Deckard plucks a sequin off Zhora's dress, the camera shows a closeup for 3-4 seconds [this is very similar to a shot in Scott's film, "Black Rain"]. After Zhora runs out of the dressing room, there is a shot of Deckard loosening his tie.
The song "If I Didn't Care" was replaced by "One More Kiss, Dear" in the DC.
The love scene in the WP has the following changes: 1) Deckard mutters "hah" under his breath when Rachael asks, "What if I go North?"; (2) a 30-second profile shot of Rachael letting her hair down is missing; and (3) the music cues by Vangelis are completely different once Rachael steps over to the piano. Since the scenes are identical in all other regards, the different affect the WP had on some could only have been from the music.
The "wide shot" of Sebastian's flat is the same in both.
The whispers from the toys are about the same clarity and volume with the exception of the last shot, where they are not only very loud, they were completely missing in the DC.
The editing and pacing of the chase scene is slightly different -- running about 20-seconds longer overall in the WP. Right after Batty pulls his head out of the bathroom wall he says, "You're not in pain are you? Are you in pain?"
The scene at Deckard's apartment is shorter by almost a full minute. Deckard goes directly to the bed and pulls the cover back. After Rachael says she trusts him, the WP cuts to Deckard opening the elevator doors. The elevator doors close noiselessly while the soundtrack plays the same music heard during the spinner flight to police headquarters.

There are other errors in the Video Watchdog article.

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