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Leon's Interrogation

The 110-story New York World Trade Center that made headlines when it was bombed in February 1993 had about 100,000 people inside at the time. According to various articles, the Tyrell pyramid is 6-7 times taller (700-stories). Since the top of the pyramid is apparently several times larger than the footprint of the WTC, the base must be enormously larger. Plus, it is surrounded by four buttresses, each of which must be greater in volume than the WTC. From this we can speculate Tyrell's pyramid must be larger than the WTC by a factor of 100 or more and house 10 million people. It should be easy to get lost in a crowd that size. Add in the fact there may be other people that look like Leon and you've got an impossible job. We also know that the Tyrell Corp. security is not perfect because Bryant tells Deckard one got fried trying to break in and the others got away, and Batty gets in and kills Tyrell.

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