Blade Runner / Deckard is not a Replicant

Deckard is Not a Replicant Because:

  • A major point of the film was to show Deckard (The Common Man) the value of life. "What's it like to live in fear?" If all the main characters are replicants, the contrast between humans and replicants is lost.

  • Rachael had an implanted unicorn dream and Deckard's reverie in BRDC was a result of having seen her implants. Gaff may have seen Rachael's implants at the same time Deckard did, perhaps while they were at Tyrell's.

  • Could you trust a replicant to kill other replicants? Why did the police trust Deckard?

  • Having Deckard as a replicant implies a conspiracy between the police and Tyrell.

  • Replicants were outlawed on Earth and it seems unlikely that a replicant would have an ex-wife.

  • If Deckard was a replicant designed to be a Blade Runner, why would they give him bad memories of the police force? Wouldn't it be more effective if he were loyal and happy about his work?

  • Deckard was not a replicant in DADoES, although he has another Blade Runner test him at one point just to be sure.

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